Blind Tasting: Tips for calibrating your palate!

Some of the biggest things I’ve learned in tasting for exams over the years!

All You Need to Know About Pinot Meunier: A Quick Guide

What is Pinot Meunier? Learn all about this bright and elegant red in this friendly guide!

A Guide to Wine Flavors, Flaws, and Faults

What is behind the aromas and flavors we pull from wine!

All You Need to Know About Barbera: A Quick Guide

What is Barbera? Learn all about this dark and juicy Italian variety in this friendly guide!

This is a list of resources (websites, books, products) that I have personally used for enjoyment, or while studying wine (many, in preparation for exams). I would never recommend something I don’t trust or haven’t used.

Resources are organized by category.

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Dive into the fun and nerdy details of wine, feel enlightened, and taste along with some great bottles?! I offer virtual tastings for the enthusiast, connoisseur, and student!