The Sunday Paper: August Edition

Are you keeping up with the ever-changing world of wine? Here are my top wine industry reads this month. These are articles I believe to be worth the read for anyone studying wine or interested in the latest wine news, wine trends, or wine discussions! 

The "Clean Wine" conversation isn't going away any time soon...

Okay, at least until there’s a new marketing wine craze! What’s next? Big Wine? Pure Wine? I’m jumping outside my norm here and sharing a few articles…

-First off, ‘Low Intervention Winemaking’ has ALREADY been a trend among winemakers in the past decade (+ It has always been a ‘thing’ in many old world regions). The term ‘clean wine’ is not a new radical idea! Read more about this HERE!

-Vinepair does a fantastic job of disputing all of the false claims popping up for “clean” or “good for you” wine. You can catch it HERE!

-Maybe we could make wine labels more appealing to the average consumer, offering a little bit of clarity, without misleading them with made-up marketing terms. Read about it HERE!

…and let us not forget “Natural Wine” the misleading term that preceded “Clean Wine”. Read about this one HERE!

Body of wine
Body of wine

The "sober curious movement" has led some non-alcoholic newcomers into the market!

Since we’re on the topic of health, did you know that the number one cause of hangovers is merely too much alcohol and not enough water? People have many reasons for choosing a non-alcoholic beverage, but heath is a huge one. The health craze has been a “bigger deal” lately and many producers, distillers, and bars have been tapping into this. Seven Fifty shares some non-alcoholic spirits that are jumping into the food and beverage scene HERE!

Although I typically appreciate alcohol, I’ll certainly be tasting some of these soon, as I’m an ideal consumer over here! #pregnant

Body of wine

Big fires everywhere in California...

-Located up and down the state, you can find information on how they started and what their status is in each area HERE! (various updates continue to be posted)

-The San Francisco Chronicle has a good interactive map you can check out HERE!

*Please buy California wines and consider donating HERE!

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The 40 under 40 list is looking a lot more exciting this year!

Wine Enthusiast released its annual 40 under 40 tastemaker list and it is the most enjoyable to read this year (over many others)! So much more diversity and also major drive and success despite so many hurdles this year. Love reading about these people and their innovative and inspiring journeys!

Check it out HERE!

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Diversity Organizations in the industry worth supporting!

Speaking of Diversity …Diversity Organizations are being highlighted right now! Here’s a list of some you may be missing, where they are headed, and how you can be a part, or help drive the movement!

Check out the article HERE!

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