Master the Basics of Blind Tasting - Classic Reds

A one hour interactive webinar with four classic red varieties.

Please read the additional details below!

Download the Blind Tasting Framework!VIEW WEBINAR!

“What will I learn + How will this benefit me?”

The actual process is a lot simpler than you might think!

This webinar will help you:

1. Understand the breakdown of the four elements used in any wine related course

2. Learn wine related terms and common descriptors found in each of these four classic red varieties

3. Gain confidence talking about what’s in your glass!

4. Get on your way to becoming a better taster!!!

“What do I bring to the webinar?”

All you need to do is show up with a pen, blind tasting framework worksheet for each wine (CLICK HERE), and at least TWO of the below wines to taste side by side: 

-Pinot Noir


-Cabernet Sauvignon


Any producer will do, but ideally a $20-30 price range. (*NOTE – There are many winemaking styles that can alter what a “classic” representation of a variety is meant to taste like. Your best bet is shopping at a smaller wine shop vs a grocery store).

Play along and have the wines poured for you, so you don’t know what they are! If you don’t have someone to pour for you, you can also label the bottom of each glass with the name of the variety poured (I write it on a sticker) and mix the glasses up until you don’t know which is which. Tasting “blind” (not knowing what the wines are) will benefit you the most! 

…BUT if you’d rather, just show up and take notes! 


A spit cup is recommended, but optional!!!