This is a list of resources (websites, books, products) that I have personally used for enjoyment, or while studying wine (many, in preparation for exams). I would never recommend something I don’t trust or haven’t used.

Resources are organized by category.



  • Jancis Robinson When in doubt, I check with Jancis. One of the most reputable sources.
  • Tim Gaiser Another great source with approachable material
  • Wine Wit and Wisdom This is the Society of Wine Educators blog. It is always the most up to date with regional and grape variety information.
  • Also, check out The Bubbly Professor, this is Jane Nickles (Director of Education for Society of Wine Educators) blog. Great info and study tips galore!
  • Decanter News, Reviews, Quizzes, Crosswords …pretty much everything here
  • Vinepair One of the most approachable places to learn
  • Wine Enthusiast Another approachable platform for wine information




  • Society of Wine Educators A library of my favorite printable maps
  • Interactive map of Burgundy
  • FederDoc Maps of the individual regions within Italy
  • TTB The United State AVA map explorer
  • Seterra Map quizzes of countries, regions, cities, landmarks, etc.
  • Water & Wines Puzzles are a fun, slightly relaxing way to learn about OR visually recall a region/area
  • Modern Hobbyist wine region prints are the most beautiful wine maps you’ll find anywhere!



  • Virtual Wine Events One of the best platforms for finding wine virtual tastings, webinars, and social media events related to wine
  • offering various themed tastings


  • SWE (The Society of Wine Educators) This is geared toward those that want to teach others about wine in various jobs. It’s great for retailers or those in any sort of education-based position. They offer two wine certifications, The CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) + CWE (Certified Wine Educator), as well as spirits certifications and a hospitality certificate.
  • WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) One of the leading certifications and most approachable for starting out. This is also the prerequisite program to one of the biggest titles in wine: Master of Wine. This certification will aid you in any wine/spirits position, allow you to build your own business in the industry, or educate others.
  • You can also take this program online through Napa Valley Wine Academy OR American Wine School
  • WSG (Wine Scholar Guild) Specializes in the wines of France (FWS), Italy (IWS), and Spain (SWS). You become an expert in your region of choice.
  • CMS (The Court of Master Sommeliers) This is geared to the service industry. If you are focused on working within a restaurant or building a beverage program, this is probably the best path. However, a restaurant background is not mandatory until level 3 (Advanced) and you can receive a Sommelier Certification without restaurant experience, it’s just more difficult.


  • Wine Executive Program (UC Davis) This is tailored to those wanting to master winemaking and management skills. It’s great for anyone looking to become winery managers but would also benefit suppliers, distributors, and other affiliated businesses.
  • Wine Certificates (Cornell) The university offers three region-based certificates (US, France, and Italy). This is meant for industry experts and wine enthusiasts to expand their knowledge of wine.



  • Windows on the World Complete Wine Course One of the most approachable books for starting to learn all the nerdy wine details. Charts and images galore!
  • The Sommelier Prep Course What I used and suggest for studying for the CMS Intro exam
  • The Wine Bible Full of fantastic information, but might be overwhelming for starting out, I’d recommend this for mid-level study
  • The World Atlas of Wine A great collection of region maps and information for mid-level to advanced students. This book really digs into regions.
  • The New Wine Lover’s Companion Basically an encyclopedia of wine words. Almost any wine term you can think of is listed in this book alphabetically.
  • The History of Wine in 100 Bottles What the title says! Basically, anything by Oz Clark is worth having.
  • Certified Specialist of Wine Study Guide I would recommend this even if you aren’t taking this exam. Some of the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Bug and Olive’s wine COLORING books are fairly new (there are two regions available) but this is a great take on the ‘adult coloring book’ with some review involved. A great way to study and chill at the same time!
  • Beyond Flavour A book with blind tasting insights, related to structure/mouthfeel and giving imagery to a wine vs using standard tasting notes
  • The Sommeliers Atlas of Taste A book that goes deep into the arguable concept of terroir


  • What to Drink with What You Eat My GO-TO for what foods to pair with any beverage or what beverages will go best with what I’m cooking/eating.
  • Perfect Pairings Another great practical and easy to follow food and wine pairing guide


  • Setting the Table A rich book full of tips for anyone working in the hospitality industry, based on experiences of one of NYC’s most successful restaurateurs 
  • Front of the House Another great book on what quality service looks like


  • Cork Dork A humorous and honest journey into studying for the CMS exam
  • Wine Girl The story of the country’s youngest Sommelier and her experiences
  • Vignette An educational journey through stories of one of the worlds most thoughtful Sommeliers
  • 99 Bottles A well-illustrated and unconventional wine guide, with stories from one of the most celebrated Sommeliers
  • Gold in the Vineyards A picture book by winemaker Laura Catena, highlighting some of the most celebrated vineyards in the world





  • VinoQuiz The best wine quiz app I have found yet!
  • Quizlet Aaaand for when you want to make your own flashcards
  • TrueWine Another good one for quizzes and interactive maps
  • CellarTracker Great for those ready to start saving special wines
  • Forvo Helpful for pronunciation 


  • Coravin If you want to taste a number of wines in the same night without wasting any bottles, this is a must-have! It’s allowed me to be able to taste through a couple of pregnancies as well!
  • Pulltap’s Corkscrew The only wine opener I will ever need
  • Riedel Glassware Some of my favorite glasses, elegant, but not paper-thin



  • Before this, make sure to support your local small business wine shops. They are bound to have hidden gems and quality small production wines not always found in larger stores or supermarkets! Not to mention knowledgeable people happy to help you find what you enjoy.
  • Lifetime Vintage Blind tasting bundles for personal or corporate events, as well as a great assortment of quality producers, SHOP MY FAVORITES HERE 
  • Wines ‘Til Sold Out A rotating list of great value, smaller production, quality wines. Regions/varieties you can’t always find in stores.
  • Wine Library Great producers at a great price
  • Wine Access Great wines, limited quantities, solid prices. Also a wine club.
  • WineBid Easy online auction for fine and rare wines
  • Primal Wine Natural/Organic/Biodynamic
  • Tannico Specializing in Italian Producers
  • Vinebase A direct to consumer marketplace for small family-owned wineries + hidden gems


  • Seedlip The worlds first non-alcoholic spirits
  • Lyres On of the best crafted (and best in taste) non-alcoholic spirits collection
  • BeClink A collection of zero alcohol beverages
  • Wines For Mothers A collection of zero alcohol wines for those expecting 

↑ Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you choose to purchase them. I will never recommend anything that isn’t valuable or useful in my wine study journey, or something I have no experience with. I hope these products/resources are equally helpful in your wine journey.

A Certified Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine with a passion for everything wine + beverage!