The Sunday Paper: September Edition

Are you keeping up with the ever-changing world of wine? Here are my top wine industry reads this month. These are articles I believe to be worth the read for anyone studying wine or interested in the latest wine news, wine trends, or wine discussions! 

A lot of controversial issues continue, but honestly, isn’t the beauty of the wine industry in all of the various opinions? (Okay, sometimes beauty, sometimes a headache!) Also, some great stories on growth!  

Thoughts on 'typicity' and 'balance'...


This is a topic of discussion that intrigues me. As a major advocate of classic wine styles, (mainly for the sake of being able to understand the dance between varieties, terroir, wine law, and classic winemaking techniques) I DO appreciate ‘typicity’ in wine terminology. I also acknowledge and appreciate styles that go outside of this and I certainly don’t think wine should always “fit into a box”. 

Meinengers relates ‘typicity’ in wines to pizza toppings HERE


There is a notion and a push (mainly from industry authorities) that high alcohol wines are “too big” or “too much” and often times not as “quality” as other wines. A lot of alcohol can certainly keep a bottle of wine from being balanced, but what is the cut-off point for ‘too much’ alcohol, and shouldn’t it vary by variety and region? Wine-Searcher touches on high alcohol wines and why they should be appreciated HERE 

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Here's how harvest season is going for many...

From COVID-19, to crazy weather, to fires in the west coast, here’s how winemakers are handling this year’s atypical harvest season. 

The Vintner Project rounds up experiences from wineries all over HERE

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Speaking of harvest, it's an early one in Champagne ...and yields are much smaller!

Every year the Comité Champagne (CIVIC) allows a certain amount of grapes to be harvested for each variety used in Champagne wines. Unlike other regions, Champagne yields are different each year as wines are blends of multiple varieties and vintages. This year resulted in a major loss in sales and it’s hard to predict what they will look like in the coming months! Regardless, decisions had to be made.

Both Wine Spectator HERE and Wine Enthusiast HERE shed some light on this year’s harvest…

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New Premier Cru wines in the Maconnais!

An area of Burgundy known for easy drinking and great value Chardonnay wines has a region known as Pouilly Fuisse which has climbed the ladder of quality and now has 22 official Premier Cru areas! I won’t list them, but you can read more about them HERE

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Black beverage innovators to keep watching!

I so appreciate all of this talent and creativity, but even more, the push for inclusivity in this industry! So impressed and excited to follow these individuals. 

Read their stories HERE 

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And, of course, the Taco Bell bottle that's been all over your social networks...

At first, this made me chuckle, but you have to respect that it’s a great way to make wine approachable to all! …So cheers to that! I wonder how it tastes?…

Read more about this collab between Taco Bell and Canadian Winemaker Rob Power HERE

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