The Sunday Paper: October Edition

Are you keeping up with the ever-changing world of wine? Here are my top wine industry reads this month. These are articles I believe to be worth the read for anyone studying wine or interested in the latest wine news, wine trends, or wine discussions! 

It's a great time to start a collection!

I’ll be honest, I’m usually fairly quick to consume what I buy, but I’m entering a stage of wanting to save wines that “matter” to me. We just decided on buying birth year wines for all of our children and apparently there’s never been a better time to save! 

*If you are looking to start a ‘cellar’, Wine Enthusiast gives some tips, based on your budget! –READ HERE!

*Forbes elaborates on why it’s the best time to save and explains the best storage conditions for bottles! –READ HERE!

*Also, there are alternative ways to invest in wine, without having a personal cellar! Check out Vinovest HERE!

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Wine vocabulary ... Is it helpful or hindering?

I think it depends on how invested in wine knowledge you are!

The average consumer certainly does not care what “reductive” means and may find this talk overwhelming or intimidating. But many individuals involved in the industry (not solely Sommeliers) love these terms and learning the new language of wine. I think it’s a factor of how much we use them and who we use them around that matters! I’m certainly not going to bring up the term ‘Brettanomyces’ to my girlfriends while out tasting!

*Interesting article from Punch on how the wine words that we use can apparently “define us” –READ HERE!

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Women in the wine industry ...What does our future look like?

*Amber Gardner in The Buyer gives some background on an industry that was once looked at as an “old boys club” as well as ways to nurture and promote success for women in a (slowly changing) male-dominated industry. – READ HERE!

*Vinka Danitza shares her story and advocates for others to share theirs as well so that despite the uncomfortable conversations, the industry can change and become more inclusive for women –READ HERE!

*And for more perspective, here’s the gender pay gap from Still somewhat divided, but moving in a better direction. – READ HERE!

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The ever evolving category of wine and health...

*I know, the terms “clean” and “natural” keep popping up everywhere, but here’s a great read for those interested in the nerdy details (I’m talking chemistry) of how winemakers go about making wine in a low intervention way!


*Another article by The Academic Wino on how wines impact our health when looking at Polyphenols (based on a study)! – READ HERE!

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Under the radar region: Uruguay

I did a slight dive into this region while studying for CSW, and being a lover of Tannat (hello tannins) I was happy to stumble upon this article. Some of these lesser-known wine areas are certainly worth knowing more about!

*The Grape Collective interviews one of the top wineries in the region, Bodega Garzón.


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...and for "fun", some wines for election night. Recommended by the "pro's"...

*This article is not to educate you, it’s just rather fun to read what others have decided is the best drink of choice for the upcoming election!


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