The Sunday Paper: March Edition

Are you keeping up with the ever-changing world of wine? Here are my top wine industry reads this month. These are articles I believe to be worth the read for anyone studying wine or interested in the latest wine news, wine trends, or wine discussions! 

This month is a bit somber. Let’s be honest the year has been rough, especially in the wine world.

Industry ups and downs due to COVID-19

“People will keep drinking wine, even in a quarantine”

Wine-Searcher lists the positive and not so positive effects in this article.


Wine Tariffs

LIVE beverage industry updates....

It’s impossible to not turn on the news, open an email, check social media, etc. right now in hopes that you’ll be fed the most current updates on the pandemic. There are a plethora of articles that sum up the industry’s impact right now, but BOTH VinePair and Eater have a live stream of the latest updates on how COVID-19 is affecting the food and beverage industry. Both are updated daily.



*Eater also has a list of mandated closures that is consistently updated HERE!

Wine and wellness

Industry Resources:

I wanted to provide a few resources especially for those in the hospitality industry (restaurant workers, possible business owners, or employees that have been laid off). Here are a few resources to check out. There are plenty out there, so in trying to simplify, here you go…

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation lists a TON of industry resources you can access HERE

*They also have a Crisis Relief Fund HERE!

Other ways to donate:

ONE FAIR WAGE providing cash assistance to tipped workers and other service workers

THE JAMES BEARD FOUNDATION providing micro-grants to independent food and beverage businesses in need

CORE providing assistance to food and beverage service employees with children

*There are also some great support groups on Facebook, where anyone in the hospitality industry can come together and discuss how they are dealing with the impact and resources that are helpful:

Hospitality Industry COVID-19 Support


Industry United

Natural Wine

And now that we're all BFF's with Netflix...

Who’s excited about this film debuting on March 27th. It’s about a man who pursues his dream of becoming a Master Sommelier instead of joining his father’s BBQ business in Memphis and should be a fun watch for anyone in the industry!


Wine for Christmas


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