The Sunday Paper: June Edition

Are you keeping up with the ever-changing world of wine? Here are my top wine industry reads this month. These are articles I believe to be worth the read for anyone studying wine or interested in the latest wine news, wine trends, or wine discussions! 

This month a good amount of the wine industry has been less focused on the minor or seemingly lighthearted topics and moved into addressing some major issues instead. I’ve decided to lump quite a few articles into the various categories in which they fit!

Black Lives Matter and inclusion in the wine industry!

This movement is impossible to ignore, but also would be absurd to ignore in any industry. It’s time for more inclusion in the wine industry as well as many others. Black voices in wine are speaking out on how the industry can help, while other writers and public figures are focusing on highlighting black-owned wines, wineries, business owners, writers, educators, etc!

+ Shakera Jones of BlackGirlsDineToo writes about how the beverage industry can take action HERE

+ Jancis Robinson highlights many Black wine professionals HERE

+ Wine-Searcher reaches out to Black winemakers and other industry professionals to determine where we are and where we need to go HERE

Wine Tariffs

How the Court of Master Sommeliers (and those within it) are/aren't speaking out...

This major wine certification is getting a lot of backlash lately with how late they were to the Black Lives Matter movement and their practices moving forward. Since it’s one that I belong to, I’ve been doing a lot of observing and thinking, and I believe it’s important to remember that MANY have been late to this party, not that it’s “okay”, but the important part is how we’re going to move forward and take action. 

Situations within have caused two well-known and respected Master Sommeliers to leave the organization.

+ First, Richard Betts’ resignation HERE

+ and recently, Brian McClintic’s HERE

+ I also thought that Chris Tanghe’s response to all of this was well written and worth reading HERE!

Wine Tariffs

Wine and Politics: Can you have one without the other?

Vinepair speculates that the Millenial generation is paying more attention to where businesses and people are putting their money politically and this is a major driver for which brands they support and purchase. Read more HERE!

However, Tom Wark from Fermentation Wine Blog says that the data between wine and politics is impossible to gauge or even obtain for that matter. He discusses his thoughts on the issue HERE!

Natural Wine

The 'phase out' of fine dining...

The white tablecloth environment has been less of a trend as more modern approaches hit the restaurant scene. This has been slowly evolving for a while now, however, COVID has pushed the elements of ‘fine dining’ even further out of the picture. Read more HERE!  

Wine and wellness

Need to clear your thoughts ...maybe clearing your cellar will help!

It may be because I’m in the middle of a move, but there’s something refreshing about organizing, even when it comes to wine! Wine Spectator gives some great tips on organizing your wine rack or cellar HERE!

Wine and wellness


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