The Sunday Paper: July Edition

Are you keeping up with the ever-changing world of wine? Here are my top wine industry reads this month. These are articles I believe to be worth the read for anyone studying wine or interested in the latest wine news, wine trends, or wine discussions! 

There is so much going on in the wine world, I’m taking deep breaths over here and continuing to push for growth! Here’s what I found to be either MOST important and worth your time to read/know about in order to bring about change, or topics that have been trending lately!

A Second Alcohol Ban in South Africa...

The industry had already taken a hard hit the first time around. Now, due to alcohol-related accidents and a lack of hospital beds, no domestic sales are permitted once again. However, export sales are allowed, and we should definitely be buying these wines right now! 


*You can purchase SA wine anywhere you normally would online (there are plenty on, B21, and Wine Chateau) or in certain wine shops!

Wine Tariffs

What Is Going on with Wine Tariffs?

The threat of 100% wine tariffs is still an issue!

Seven Fifty explains the situation HERE.

and another explanation from Wine-Searcher HERE.

*Whether you are in the industry, or a consumer, you can make a difference by Sunday, July 26th HERE! (The USA Trade Alliance has made it easy!)

Natural Wine

The 'Clean' Wine Debate!

I’ve seen it all over social media, an extreme response to the launch of what is marketed a  “Clean Wine” called Avaline by Cameron Diaz and business partner Katherine Power. Quite honestly, it is probably better for you than plenty of bulk wine products on the market (and there’s certainly a market for this wine), but “Clean” is a misleading term and the way the wine is marketed is not (in my personal opinion) fair to the consumer or those who have been making wine for years and understand the full process.

I think there’s plenty of sides to this issue and it’s worth reading all of them before forming a quick opinion.

Vinography elaborates on why this wine is a “scam” HERE.

The Gray Report hits on reasons why this wine should be considered HERE.

Meininger’s Wine Business International gives us reasons both for and against HERE.

Wine Tariffs

Black Owned Wine Businesses Getting More Hype - a step in the right direction!

The national discussion on systematic racism and inequality in the industry has caused a complete turn of events for a lot of black-owned businesses. In many cases, it has been better than ever! 

“I want to be known for my work, my wines – I want to be viewed outside the context of my race. But with all that’s happened, a force is ignited in me in how I can give back to the community, how I can help more people, to get African Americans into the wine business.”

Read about some of these Sonoma businesses HERE!

Wine and wellness

Retail and Restaurants Still Battling COVID...

I wish we could say things were getting back to normal for the restaurant industry (and wine retail), but it’s going to be a while before some do, and many may not.

Read about some current “roller coaster” restaurant experiences HERE.

Also, some good insight from Christy Frank on how retail has changed due to the pandemic HERE!

Wine and wellness

Constellation Brands "Upping" Their DTC Game!

Constellation Brands is one of the biggest marketers of beer, wine, and spirits in the US.

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur and founder of a social media/communications company. He also has a background in wine and launched Empathy Wines in 2019.

Constellation recently purchased this direct-to-consumer wine brand from Gary Vaynerchuk. (big news to me, as I’m a fan of both Gary and the wine itself).

Read about it HERE!

Wine for Christmas


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